• Cities in Motion - Developer Diary #7 - News from Colossal

    Hi everyone,

    This time, the developer diary will be a little bit different. Earlier, you heard about the different aspects and features of Cities in Motion, but I thought Iíd bring you some news on what we have been up to lately. We are very happy to announce that Cities in Motion will be released on Feb. 22, so we have been very busy at the office and thereís a lot that I want to share with you.

    Game development is not only about making the game but also interacting with people is a big part of getting a game released successfully. We highly appreciate the community around games and the feedback we've gotten from both beta testers and people interested in Cities in Motion.

    So communication is a big part of developing a game. Surely, we want everyone to know that Cities in Motion exists! Early on, we sent beta copies to reporters, and have since posted links to the previews on the Cities in Motion Facebook page. If you havenít read them yet, go check those out at www.facebook.com/Citiesinmotion! We have also sent out the review copies to reporters and are very eager to find out what they think about the full game.

    So, how do we communicate with gamers? We set up a Facebook page and a Twitter account some time ago, and have been overjoyed by the amount of people actively seeking more information on Cities in Motion. Iíve tried to answer as many of the questions as possible and take in the suggestions and ideas that you have shared with us. We have over 1,500 people "Liking" the game on Facebook!

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    The community is admirably active on the Paradox Forum. After starting the Open Beta on Feb. 1, weíve been basically drowned in comments. Our lead designer Karoliina and I try to answer as many threads as we can, and on the technical side, Antti has been actively finding solutions to the problems the testers might have encountered. Be sure to join in the conversation at forum.paradoxplaza.com!

    The feedback on the beta has already been very helpful. With the community's help we were able to find and fix a major bug just last week. With the suggestions in mind, we've made changes, for example, to the economic system concerning the ticket prices, so adjusting them would be more intuitive for the player. More on these changes in the the next diary!

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    We are very excited about the release of Cities in Motion next week!

    Best regards,
    Mariina Hallikainen
    Producer on Cities in Motion
    Colossal Order Ltd.
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