• Europa Universalis 3 Divine Wind First Game to Utilize Paradox Connect Achievements

    Paradox Interactive today confirmed the first game that will feature Paradox Connect achievements, with Europa Universalis 3 Divine Wind. Europa Universalis is a core strategy game franchise that has a huge following of players that spend hundreds and thousands of hours conquering the world. With Paradox Connect achievements, Europa Universalis III Divine Wind will give players even more opportunities to show their skills and focus on their strategic approach to beating missions and campaigns.

    “I am extremely excited about this new functionality, which will truly enrich the gaming experience for our fans.”, said Johan Andersson, Executive VP of Development. “It will strengthen the community at our forums, giving them more things to talk about.”

    Most future Paradox titles will have achievements, which will give the community additional replayability and a way to show off their skills. Collective achievement points over time will highlight the top players of every game and give the elite bragging rights for their efforts.

    With Europa Universalis III Divine Wind, there will be dozens of achievements to get players rolling on Paradox Connect, including:

    - 'Napoleon was not this good!' - Disband HRE as France within 3 years (1792)
    - 'All belongs to Mother Russia' - (1399 Russian culture, from Russia )
    - 'Basileus' - Restore the Byzantine Empire to historical border (1399)
    - 'For Liberty' - 1773 as USA, be at peace, and own all 13 colonies.

    All of the achievements are optional and don’t affect the gameplay for other players, other than the intimidation factor when opponents see loads of badges and ribbons before multiplayer matches.
    For more information about Paradox Connect: http://www.paradoxplaza.com/connect
    For more information about Paradox Achievements: http://tinyurl.com/33rehyq

    About Paradox Connect
    Paradox Connect is the umbrella brand for all Paradox Interactive’s online activities and aims to give every Paradox player a stronger online identity. Building on their large community, Paradox Connect will include Paradox Achievements, integrate social media, downloadable content in various formats and more. Paradox will also start publishing online games as part of the Paradox Connect initiative.

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