• Divine Wind Developer Diary 12 Surface Polish

    So, after a couple of weeks of King writing the Dev Diaries you are stuck with me again This week I'm going to say a few words on the final polish on an expansion already full of features, namely some nice interface additions and improvements that we've felt the need for when we played the game.

    First, we have something that you guys that played Semper Fi will recognize, a triggered modifier screen. No longer will you have to read the files to find out how you can get the Sound Toll.

    The next thing is something that we've noticed that's all cool games have these days (so we have to have it too), loading hints. So when you load up Divine Wind you will get helpful hints about things you may or may not know. Did you know by the way that the tooltips for each technology category will show you which tech-levels unlock things, such as buildings, units, government forms, etc? Yes, that is also one of the little interface improvements.

    We also have some new alerts that you might find useful. For example you get one you get one if you are a horde nation and some so called civilized nation is trying to settle your provinces. There is also an alert for when your provinces are blockaded.
    We also changed around the advisers a bit. As some of you have noticed you could get really unbalanced results if you stacked up three advisers of the same type. No more, as you can now only have one adviser of the same type.

    Then we have the little things that the more perceptive of you might have seen in the screenshots. We have a new level of message importance, the message icons from Victoria 2 for those things that are too important to be lost in the log and too common to give you a popup every time. On the map we've made it so that you can see the size of your army at a glance, also an idea from Victoria 2.

    Finally, we added what every Eu3 expansion should have, more stuff. More provinces, more (and more informative) tooltips and even a few new countries.

    This was the last dev diary for Divine Wind, but don't worry, we still have some more nice things we will show you, so don't delete from your forum account just yet

    Thomas Johansson
    Associate Producer and Project Lead on Europa Universalis III: Divine Wind
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