• Children of the Sun - a Cuzco MEIOU AAR

    Children of the Sun - a Cuzco MEIOU AAR

    Game version: HTTT April 29th Beta, MEIOU mod
    Start date: January 10th 1356
    Settings: Default MEIOU, a tweak to my country's start (described at the end of this post*)
    Rules: No cheating or reloading. Also, when in doubt, roleplay.
    AAR style: Gameplay/Narrative hybrid
    Updates: I'm aiming for twice a week in the beginning.

    * * *

    I'm playing Cuzco, the Incan city state that later developed into the Inca Empire. In reality, they did not start expanding until 1438, but I'm taking a head start as I'm attempting to fare better in the long term than the Incas did.

    The leader in the beginning is the legendary Manco Cápac. He may have been dead for a century or two at this point in the real world, but no matter. If we trust the theory that he was a son of the sun god Inti - and why not, sounds quite plausible to me - maybe he's a bit more godlike in this alternate reality. Enough so to live several centuries.

    Some "disclaimers", MEIOU calls the native Americans "a work in progress". Readers unfamiliar with the mod should know that it has (even) more flavor in other parts of the world, but I've enjoyed playing here anyway. Also, while I consider myself a decent enough vanilla player, I don't claim to be a MEIOU expert yet. But that's part of the fun really.

    * * *

    *Cuzco normally has the powerful Blessings of God modifier that's intended to boost nations that are historically supposed to rise (giving +150 % tax, +200 % manpower, +400 % land forcelimits, + 10 infamy limit and lowered army costs). I've removed this modifier from Cuzco, so I won't have this advantage over other countries in my area and will have to forge Cuzco's historical rise in an ordinary fashion instead. Also, Tenochtitlan does have it, so I should run into a blessed country eventually. (Countries such as the Ottomans and Muscowy and several others also have this modifier. Meanwhile, nations that are supposed to go down - for example Byzantium and Serbia - have the negative counterpart, the nasty Wrath of God)

    To read the rest of the AAR, go here: http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/...uzco-MEIOU-AAR
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