• Development Diary #12 - 23rd of January 2008

    Hello, and welcome to one of the final development diaries of this game. Now it is not many vindaloos left before we go gold with this game.

    Our artists have been busy adding in more face-elements for the characters in the game, while also putting the final touches to the interfaces. Our AI programmer has been very busy improving the military warfare logics of the game, which should improve the actual gameplay. The system for troops gaining personal loyalty to commanders was finalised, and should provide some interesting gameplay twists.

    Here’s a screenshot of selecting which character to appoint to various research offices. As you can see, they have various stats and traits.

    Traits, like Crusader Kings each character in Rome can have traits, these are both good and bad will give direct penalties on characters. In addition the majority of events that can happen to characters are influenced by their traits. As with Crusader Kings character will gain and loose traits throughout their life via events. There are events, both good and bad, that trigger for character trait making character a bit more unique. In Rome we have also added special combat traits that a Character gains only in combat and will affect the characters ability to trigger combat events. Traits can affect either your characters abilities, the country when he/she is a ruler, or the province when assigned as a governor.

    Here’s a look at some of the traits in the game.
    benefactor = {
    	province = {
    		local_tax_modifier = 0.05
    inventor = {
    	opposites = {
    	country = {
    		research_points_modifier = +0.1
    victorious = {
    	max_friends = 1
    	max_rivals = 1
    conqueror = {
    	monthly_character_popularity = 0.1
    	loyalty_gain_chance = 0.05
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