• Development Diary #6 - 21st of November 2007

    It is Wednesday so it is time for another development diary. I hope you’ll enjoy today’s diary. More importantly though, we are just a few vindaloos from the beta starting, and todays was strong and spicy, just as we like then as Paradox.

    Recently, the game-logics people have been working on experience for military units, the logics for how barbarians behave and how you interact with them, and how units are generated when you start the game. The interface people have been focusing on how selections are displayed, while the event team have been added a lot of events for political activity in various different types of countries.

    This week I’d like to introduce another important part of the Paradox Development team, Chiwiss, or as our creditlists say, Anna Drevendal. Anna has now worked with us for over two years, doing the historical research, databases and events for our games since then. When it comes to making sure the research we have can be adapted to the design and working game balance, her attention to detail and great organisational skills are second to none.

    Todays screenshot depicts what we talked about last week, here showing the five technology investments and the characters working on them.

    The event engine in Rome is extremely powerful and builds upon everything we have learned so far, with nesting complex event-chains where events can refer to the event for someone else spawning them and so on. There are also variables and flags in the events, so that even more advanced event types can be built up. We have separate event types for characters, countries and provinces.
    We have added a new type of spawning events, where we have a list of events that can be picked from at various chance when something happens in the code. For example, we have a list of events that may trigger at “battle_won” from the code.
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