• Happy Halloween! [MiniMod] Crusader Kings Z

    Crusader Kings Z ~ A Zombie Invasion Minimod for CK2

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    CKZ is a small Zombie Invasion minimod created in a day (and then bugfixed for 3 or 4) on the spur of the moment for Halloween by SaintDaveUK and Korbah. Some time after 1000 (if you're starting in 867), or any time after you start beyond 1066 Zombies will invade your world. They bring with them a deadly new plague, not to mention ravenous hordes of undead to consume medieval Europe.

    Before Zombification - After Zombification

    Zombie "Emperor"

    Art ~ SaintDaveUK
    Code ~ Korbah
    Special thanks to neondt.

    Known Bugs
    Hopefully none, I spent a couple of days banging my head against desk trying to figure out why this mod wasn't working and finally got it working last night. I haven't as a result had much time to play test, but from the one game I managed to play, it seemed to work. Also balance may be way way off...
    I did run a few observation games and the Zombies seemed to suffer from rigor mortis every now and then; if anyone knows what's causing the issue or why I would greatly appreciate the help.

    Permissions, Help and so on
    This mod is meant to be a minimod for Halloween, whipped up in a couple of days by SaintDave and I, if it proves popular though I might continue working on it and fleshing it out although I would welcome any and all input, fixes and additions to the modification by other individuals.

    DISCLAIMER: This modification is not an official product of Paradox South or Paradox Interactive, it is not endorsed or supported by them and it does not reflect the opinions of PS, or PI in any way, shape, or form.