• Development Diary #3 - 31st of October 2007

    Its yet another Wednesday, and we have a new development diary for you all to read. Todayís Vindaloo was a bit spicier than last week, but very good, and provides great inspiration for our development this afternoon.

    We have been working at implementing more diplomatic and intrigue actions that a state can do with another state. I hope to be able to tell you more in detail about those soon. There is ten different graphical styles for units, cities and buildings in the game, and we are steadily adding in them into the game. This week last week we finished the persian unit. The interface guys have been busy with adding in the character view screens, where youíll be able to view all details about any character in the game. Meanwhile, our dedicated AI programmer have been busy making sure that the trade-routes AI is getting all the attention it needs.

    This week, Iíll introduce you to King, or Chris King as his passport says. Chris has now been with us for 18 months as a fulltime employee, and was a moderator and tester before that for several years. He is responsible for our QA here at Paradox, and also helps out with game-design and database-scripting. Chris is the one that verifies the quality in the things we do from design ideas to actual finished games. It is his extensive historical knowledge and quick analytical mind that makes him such a valuable part of our team.

    Todayís screenshot shows the current look of the map, where I am rather happy with the work done so far. We still plan to add cities, coastlines, name on the map and other things like that. Lets see if anyone spots any other changes compared to previous week.

    In Rome, you do not have direct full control of every province in your empire. You need to appoint governors, strategos or satraps to each province outside the capital. A province without a governor is not working properly, and will most likely drift into chaos in a short time period. Selecting governors is a strategic choice in it self. A competent one may get more out of the province, but if he is corrupt, he may pocket a lot of the wealth as well. In a republic, he may end up winning the next consul ship when returning by spending his wealth to increase his popularity.
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