• Development Diary #2 - 24th of October 2007

    Hello again, and welcome to this weeks Development Diary for Rome. It is clearly noticeable that we are located in the far north, where darkness comes early and the cold is slowly creeping into our bones. Thankfully we got a cozy and warm office where we can spend out time developing computer games instead of hunting polarbears on the streets of Stockholm.

    It has been great fun seeing the religion and diplomacy interfaces become implemented during the last week. What have also been interesting are the long discussion meetings weve had on which event series to implement in the game. We are aiming to have an amount of events that will exceed the count of any other game weve released. Of course that may change as we go through the beta. What we really want is to have character driven events like those in Crusader Kings, with as an example, events triggering on stats of rulers, and contextual event-series simulating for example Civil Wars, Religious Spread and Civilizing Processes amongst other things.

    In our series of introducing team members, it is now time for Besuchov, or Thomas Johansson as hes known on the credit-lists. Thomas has been working with us for almost four years now, and before that he was an active forumite. He is mostly working with game-logics, interfaces and network programming, and is nowadays the lead programmer of our team. Besides his strong programming skills, he is also a gamer and fan of history. Thomas is the cornerstone of experience and knowledge for our team, and we would not be able to make these games without him.

    This screenshot indicates a few aspects of the new religious features. The most important is the calling of Omens. Omens are something people believed in during the era, and a feature we believe will create an extra layer of strategy. Omens can be called about twice a year, and you can only have one active Omen. Depending on the abilities of the priest, your religious discoveries and powers, and what ideas you may have, you will get either success or failure, when invoking an omen. A failed omen is a curse that will be hurting your nation over that time period.

    Omens are of coursed named depending on the religion of your state, since a Blessing of Jupiter does not really fit all that well if you are playing a Jewish state.

    divine_trade = {
    	trade_income_modifier = 0.25
    divine_calm = {
    	global_revolt_risk = -0.05
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