• March of the Eagles Developer diary 14 – France & The ledger

    Hi there and welcome to the 14th developer diary for March of the Eagles!

    Today, we take a look at the grand nation of France – arguably the leading player in our bloody drama.
    We’ll also examine the ledger and how it provides you with all the information you need to become the dominant European country.
    Vive la France!

    France is the dominant land power at the game start and has five unique ideas that can increase its chance of success.

    The five unique ideas are:
    • Grand Imperial Staff
    • Gribeauval System
    • Grandes Ecole
    • Napoleonic Genius
    • Code Civil

    The Grand Imperial Staff
    The Grand Imperial Staff consisted of three main branches. The Maison was composed of the Aides-de-camp and the Imperial Cabinet. The Grand Etat-Major General were the principal staff officers. And finally, there was Intendance - the permanent government military administration. This organizational innovation gives France a 10% bonus to its frontage – the number of men that can fight effectively in the same section of the army.

    Gribeauval System
    Lieutenant General Jean Baptiste Vaquette de Gribeauval invented an artillery system which revolutionized French cannon. The new production system allowed lighter and more uniform cannons without sacrificing the range usually associated with heavier guns. The French Artillery Attack has a bonus of +20.00% making them more deadly in combat.

    Grandes Écoles
    The new 'great schools' of France offer higher education to candidates based on merit. France gets 5 additional Idea Points every month.

    Napoleonic Genius
    Napoleon's military genius has influenced the Guards in such a way that their attack value increases. Guards attack with a 50.00% bonus. This makes the French guard units especially effective in battle.

    Code Civil
    Napoleon’s great domestic achievement, the Code entrenches the Revolutionary ideas that no privileges will be given based on birth, freedom of religion is allowed and government jobs will go to the most qualified. French brigades start with 20 experience points, without ever seeing battle.
    France has a number of historical events, some quite important like "The Coronation of Napoleon as King of Italy" and others more for period flavor, like the discovery of the "Mosasaurus", a prehistoric beast that the great French naturalist Georges Cuvier identified as “a giant marine lizard"

    How the ledger in March of the Eagles provides you with information

    The Countries
    The Countries page of the ledger has a list of all countries, their Total Manpower, Army size, Navy size and Income. You can sort this list by clicking the column title at the top. This is all very important information that can be used when you are planning your wars – tracking which of your neighbors are short on men or reinforcements is something you should be doing regularly.

    The Armies
    The Armies page of the ledger lists your armies, shows which leader commands it and the total unit strength of the armies. Clicking any of the rows will open the flank design menu for the selected army where you can organize the army and its brigades, assign leaders to the different flanks and choose a tactic or strategy for them.

    The Economy
    The Economy page of the ledger shows the Income, Expenses, Balance and Treasury of the eight Major Powers or your rivals.

    The Manpower
    The Manpower page of the ledger shows the Monthly Gain, Last month's loss, Last month's change and Total Manpower of the eight Major Powers or your rivals. Remember that Manpower is one of the most important things in March of the Eagles, because you will be at war much of the time. If you do not have enough manpower, you will not be able to recruit brigades or ship. You gain manpower each month, how much you gain and what affects it can be seen by hovering the mouse pointer on the Manpower icon.

    The Ideas
    The Ideas page of the ledger shows the Idea count, Ideas and Unspent points of the eight Major Powers or your rivals. This is where you track how far you are leading or trailing in the race to advance your military and strategic philosophies.

    The Wars
    The Wars page of the ledger can either show the Active Wars or the Past Wars, the name of the war, when it started, the one who started the war (the attacker), the defender and the warscore. Toggle this by clicking the Show Active Wars or Show Past Wars buttons in the left lower corner.

    The Provinces
    The Provinces page of the ledger show all your provinces and the list can be sorted by name, Manpower, Tax, Supply Generated, Port, Depot, Fort, Development and Roads. This page can also be used to build Ports, Depots, Forts, Developments and Roads. When a button is greyed out, it means you do not have enough money or a building is already being built in the province. Either way, a greyed out button means it is not possible to construct that building in your selected province or it has already reached its max level. Hover the mouse pointer on the various buttons to see the tooltips and read more information.

    The Coalitions
    The ledger page Coalitions show you which country is in which coalition. Click on any flag in this view to open the Diplomacy view for that country. Coalitions can be created by Land or Naval Dominant countries, such as Great Britain and France at the start of the game, or against a Land or Naval Dominant country. A non-dominant country declaring war upon a Land or Naval Dominant country automatically creates a Coalition against the Land or Naval Dominant country.

    When a Coalition is created against a Land or Naval Dominant country, the leader of the coalition is able to invite coalition members to join its war against the Land or Naval Dominant country. If a coalition is created by a non-dominant country which then invites a Dominant country, the Dominant country will take control of the coalition and become the coalition leader.
    If a Land or Naval Dominant country loses its dominance when a coalition against it exists, the coalition will become inactive and no more members can be invited. When you invite any country to join your coalition you both agree to help each other when fighting a war against the coalition's target. If you or any of your coalition members do not join another coalition member's war the one who do not join will leave the coalition. If you make peace with the coalition target, you will leave the coalition. When a coalition leader make peace with the coalition target, the coalition is disbanded. Only the coalition leader can invite other countries to their coalition, at the start of the game Great Britain and France each lead a coalition.

    The Victory ledger show Land, Naval and Total Dominance Score. Land and Naval Dominance is achieved by holding several important strategic cities and harbors. When you have 100% Land and Naval Dominance, and no other country has the same percentage of either Land or Naval Dominance, you win the game.
    That´s all for now, hope you are becoming excited at the prospect of the Napoleonic Wars by now!
    If you have any questions, don´t hesitate to ask and we´ll do our best to answer


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