• East vs West Developer diary 1 - Cold War At Your Command

    Did your parents ever tell you that you would grow up to become a prominent, illustrious leader? Has that not happened yet? Never fear!
    The developers of East vs. West would like to welcome you to the Executive Branch!

    East vs. West: A Hearts of Iron Game will let you control a nation during the recent past, leading it through the remarkable time of the Cold War. Nuclear weapons, politics, the space race, spies, guerrilla warfare and the delicate art of diplomacy, this is not a game, THIS is personal.
    With East vs. West, we are definitely aiming for historical accuracy and the sense that you are immersed in the great dramas of the past, but as always, how you handle this history and the choices you make within the main plots and themes is entirely up to you as a player. History is in your hands - we just supply you the tools, in a wonderful, customizable world. Even if you use those tools to lead the world down the path of the unthinkable, the destruction of humanity. Players can edit large parts of the game content and play their favorite historical moments with up to 32 friends, rivals or even bitter enemies.

    Our Cold War connection
    BL-Logic has had the privilege of collecting some of the sharpest independent graphics artists, developers and coders from the grand strategy genre to work in cooperation with Paradox Development Studio. The Cold War is a challenge that we really wanted to take on, because it gives us chance to create a game about an era that many players have actually experienced a small part of – and if not, it is surely in their parents’ living memory. The game development team has this special relationship to the Cold War, since many of us can still remember the Iron Curtain and the end of that time. We can remember sitting in front of the TV and watching the Germans climbing over and onto the Berlin wall to destroy it, and how people wept with joy when the country was united again and Soviet domination removed from Eastern Europe. The Cold War era is so close to our time that it's hard not to think "What if ..."
    Our world today could be very different if leaders had chosen different paths at critical moments...

    Your Game play

    The action is really centered on three great stages that transpired simultaneously and that defined the era.
    First, we have the overarching story of two superpowers struggling for hegemony; you have the standoff in Europe between NATO and the Warsaw Pact, the competition for allies and bases around the world and the nuclear threat.
    Second, we have the era of decolonization with wars of liberation, Europe surrendering her colonies and how these new nations, like Vietnam or India, were caught in the battle between East and West. Finally, the cauldron of the Middle East, where oil wealth, the birth of Israel and the rise and fall of Pan-Arabism transforms the Cradle of Civilization into a region where international games are played for the highest stakes

    All of this will add up to a game that will give you new ways to think about power and prestige, as old patterns give way to new realities. Will you focus on diplomacy and try to get allies through the establishment of good relations and strong trade agreements? Will you try to stay neutral in the conflict between the superpowers or put your faith in the United Nations? As a democratic state, can you see to it that elections are decided in your favor while improving the lot of your people? Are you just hungry for war and content to let the weapons do the talking in order to take what you consider to be yours? How far will you go if you know that one wrong move could lead to World War III? Can you win a nuclear war? Maybe you'll be the first to conquer space and earn the respect of all nations.
    As John F. Kennedy put it, "Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country."
    And we’ve made sure there are lots of things you can do for your country.

    Upcoming Development Diaries
    To help you carefully consider all of your options, we will be presenting Developer’s Diaries every month up until the release in Q2 2013.
    Thank you for taking interest in this general overview of East vs. West: A Hearts of Iron Game. For the upcoming developer diaries, we will go in-depth about the game features and details. In the next developer diary we will explore the new map. We’re very excited about the game, and we look forward to seeing you on the Paradox Plaza forums. Keep an eye out also for the Developer Introductions and the competitions connected to those.

    Duck and cover,

    Lennart Berg & Gellert Keresztes
    Project leader & Game Designer

    For more instructions on what YOU can do please visit this link and talk to your neighbors and friends.

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