• Win Beta Spot for Hearts of Iron III: Their Finest Hour!

    Do you have a heart of iron & a will of steel?
    Do you want the chance to lead your nation through World War II, the largest conflict in world history, before anyone else?

    Then enter this contest for 10 exclusive beta spots in Hearts of Iron III: Their Finest Hour and take command!
    Winners will also receive the complete Hearts of Iron pack (II, III and expansions) or a game of their choice from Paradox Development Studio.

    Detailed espionage will let players green-light covert operations, while their military commanders will gain traits and, with them, personalities.
    Naval landings can now be planned with specialized assault craft. But this is just the start - we've also got new elite units for each nation (Rangers! Gurkhas!)
    Plus, a new game mode letting players start with a clean slate and drop straight into the business of producing units and technology.
    Simulations are great and all, but we appreciate that sometimes, you just want to run a war.

    Contest rules:
    1. Describe your best moment from any game or expansion in the Hearts of Iron series and explain why this moment has left a strong impression on your heart of iron.
    Feel free to include screenshots from your play session!
    2. Post your testimonial for Hearts of Iron as a new post in the AAR forums here:
    3. And post a link to your AAR in this tread:

    Deadline to enter the contest is August 30th.

    For inspiration, read all Hearts of Iron III: Their Finest Hour development diaries here:

    We look forward to reading about your Hearts of iron experiences!
    Feel free to keep it short and sweet


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