• New Gamescom trailer

    Hi gang,

    As the games industry and lots of its fans gathered in Germany we took the opportunity to release a new trailer for A Game of Dwarves. News and trailer below:

    COLOGNE, GERMANY August 16, 2012 Paradox Interactive, in another cunning scheme to avoid paying for plane tickets, attempted to reach Gamescom this week by digging an elaborate tunnel from Stockholm to Cologne, but accidentally tunneled into a subterranean dwarven settlement instead. While they were down there, however, the Paradox team was able to capture the lives and daily activities of these enterprising dwarves on video. They have compiled the new footage into an all-new trailer for A Game of Dwarves, and have shared that trailer with the world today.

    To learn more about A Game of Dwarves, watch Paradox Interactive's Facebook and Twitter channels this week at Gamescom. If you can't get a Wi-Fi signal while buried deep underground, hopefully you can still get a hardwired connection to visit www.paradoxplaza.com .
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