• Hearts of Iron III: Their Finest Hour Developer Diary 3 Battle Plans, Multiplayer

    Hello and welcome to the third development diary for TFH. Today I'm going to be talking about our new battle plans interface and how it impacts multiplayer, and also show our new battle scenarios.

    Battle Plans
    We have added a new mode that lets you construct detailed plans. It works as an overlay on top of any mapmode and can be toggled on and off. This lets you draw up complicated operations in advance and plan your game.

    They can be saved, edited and loaded and we even have historical plans you can refer to if you want to compare yourself or try and recreate an operation. It is my hope that this feature will be very popular with the AAR community. Here is a picture showing a few of the features. You can draw arrows, border lines, write text and place an assortment of icons (before anyone ask: these are all moddable and easy to extend):

    Another reason for these plans is to help with communication in multiplayer games. You can share them live while playing with your allies and decide on areas of responsibility etc.

    New Chat
    Another thing that will be useful for people in multiplayer is our new chat. Its got nifty features like auto-joining faction rooms, secret whispers etc so doing player diplomacy is now much easier.

    New Scenarios
    TFH also includes two new Battle Scenarios: The Spanish Civil war, and The Winter war.
    The first is the struggle for control of Spain, historically fought 17th July 1936 1st April 1939 between the Nationalists and the Republicans, our scenario starts on the 1st of October, 1936 with Franco back on the mainland and both sides with mostly coherent front lines. The two sides are fairly evenly balanced, and the battle could go either way.

    The Winter war, fought 30th November 1939 13th March 1940 as the USSR sought to expand at the expense of Finland, is quite different; the USSR is a vastly larger country than Finland, with a much larger army. Finland has a chance as they have a good defensive position on the Soviet's main line of attack, and the Red army is still badly organised and poorly lead after the purging of officers in recent years, but either brilliance or a lot of luck will be needed to fight off this invasion.

    Next week's diary will be about leaders, traits and our combined arms revamp. See you then!
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