• March of the Eagles: A Europa Universalis Game - tidbits of information!

    Hey everyone!

    So a chunk of our dev team has sneaked out of the office on vacation,
    but I can at least tell you a few tidbits about March of the Eagles: A Europa Universalis Game

    The game design has been done by Johan, King & Birken.
    And Birken was the man behind our Mac port, so I hope all you Mac fans give him a warm welcome.

    We’re also working with the Rost3dSprites team for the animated soldiers and ships on the map.
    Just so you know, these are the same guys that have done all the spritepack dlc’s for Eu3, HoI3 & Victoria 2.

    The music is made by the team that made the music for Sengoku, Knights of Soundtrack.
    We have set the challenge of giving us that epic Napoleonic feel to the sound track and we really can’t wait to see what they create.

    Danevang is making the pictures for all the uniforms of the units.
    That is the same guy who made the faces for CK2, we know that cool uniform pictures add something to your experience so we got ourselves a man to make them.

    You will find out more soon, promise
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