• Starvoid dev diary #8 - Manufacturer: Hunter's Arms

    We're back!

    Yes, sorry, this post is a bit late. This is because we launched our alpha to the public through IGN Prime during the end of last week, and this required a huge amount of our time. Thanks to all who are participating.

    And now to reveal another, and currently the last manufacturer in the game – Hunter's Arms.

    Hunter’s Arms takes warfare serious. Nothing fancy though, nothing high-tech, just old-fashioned warfare and they always fight to win – honor is never part of the calculation. Things that can't shoot other things dead or have any other, direct practical functions has no place in Hunter's Arms design. Their droids take much heritage from modern style warfare and guerrilla tactics. They have decent protection and good firepower, but also a considerable stealth theme. Their weapons are often capable of dealing mixed types of damage to become effective against different targets. And their units are often able to be equipped with various upgrades to fight off a wide array of threats.

    “Perish with honor or win dirty. Easy choice.”

    Hunter's Arms is an experienced combat droids manufacturer. It was founded back when the colonization first began. As the need for guns and combat droids increased along with the increasing amount of bandits and piracy to protect the colonies, Hunter's Arms flourished. Their droids were extra popular among those that had a bit more money, as they made droids that were more reliable and combat effective then the cheaper skitters and alike but to a slightly higher price.

    Hunter's Arms' droids are by now widely spread across the whole galaxy – used by mercenaries, bandits and for colony protection alike. Their bread-and-butter droid, the Ranger, has with several of its models won the Galactic Droid Committee “Droid of the Year” award for its incredible reliability and combat functionality and is even used in service by the Nexus Edge Border Control to keep the Nexus safe from bandit raids and smugglers.

    Hunter's Arms most sold combat droid - The Ranger

    And now to a short briefing of a few of Hunter's Arms' units:

    Commandos are combat droids that has the ability to advance in stealth – making them able to perform surprise attacks on unsuspecting enemies. They come with Striker sub-machine guns which has a great rate of fire, but shorter range then most other ranged weapons. But with their stealth, they can choose to engage on their own terms. Can be upgraded with various upgrades like Phos-X fire grenades, Belly-Buster anti-tank mines and other stuff to grants them various ways to utilize on their ability to sneak up unnoticed.

    Bushwhackers is a heavy weapons team, but which is much more mobile then all other such teams. Their default weapon, the Tempest machine gun, is light and fast to set up and pack down. They also move faster then other set up teams by default, but also has the Hunt ability to gain increased speed at the cost of receiving increased damage while turned on – which makes them good at hunting down targets and excellent at kiting techniques. Can be upgraded with various other weapons, such as a heavier machine gun or an anti-tank Rail Cannon.

    Badger Tank
    The Badger Tank a master of utilizing on the terrain and landscape – being able to camouflage in any environment, becoming stealthed while stationary. This makes for excellent ambushes and defense. Comes with the Flogger Cannon which is effective against almost any target as it deals armor piercing damage in target that are directly hit, while it deals blast damage in an area of effect around the target. Can be given different upgrades, such as the fast firing Shred gun or Internal Repair Systems to make it able to repair itself between skirmishes.

    And that's it. I hope to be back again at the end of this week. Take care and see you around, and don't forget to keep an eye out for more upcoming events

    Rasmus Davidsson, Game Director at Starvoid
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