• Magicka: The Other Side of the Coin - Playable Characters

    The release of The Other Side of the Coin is around the corner and from today on we'll start to introduce who you can play as in this brand new expansion.

    Since he was last seen in the land of Magicka, Vlad has returned bringing with him an impressive new power with which to defend himself with, along with some augmented abilities and immunities.
    This time he wears the guise of a diplomat., hosting vitally important peace negotiations between the three races of Good – elves, dwarves and humans. He has chosen Elwenhús the spectacular home of the Elves, to bring together these warring nations, to end the unhappy periods known as; the Great Petty Quarrel and the Long Awkward Silence. However unbeknown to him dark forces are preparing to stop his goodly plans, led by a sinister figure from Vlad's long forgotten past.
    Playable: NO

    Alucart is a dashing anti-villain. A vampire as bloodthirsty as they come. Blessed with wit as sharp as the points on his fangs, his bite as deadly as his eloquent bark. He loves nothing more than to make an entrance as grandiose as his exquisite attire. Like a demon possessed he is driven by an unquenchable thirst to complete his quest. That is to deliver a cruel and terrible vengeance upon his one time master - Vlad. Nothing will stand in his way as he sets out to thwart Vlad's plan, to reconcile the three races of Good. Alucart does not fight alone for where he brings chaos and mayhem, his dark minions follow.
    Playable: YES

    Necromancers are the servants of Alucart. Once long ago they were powerful wizards searching for a cure to mortality. They were drawn to the domain of the dead giving up their grip on life and embracing that which is death.
    These minions of undeath fight side-by-side with their master. Wielding powerful magical Staves of the Undead to summon forth diabolical forces, from beyond the world of life. They also brandish vicious morgul blades to stab out the hearts of all that is good in this world.
    PLayable: YES

    More to come!