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  1. The Noble Secret Master and In Memory of stnylan

    It has been some time since I posted to this blog. It did not take off as I wished mostly due to my own lazy habits than anything else. The blog feature hasn't been as heavily utilized here at the Pdox forum but it remains a unique feature. As I still have my top 15 EUII AARs in mind, I figured I could at least complete the list. So without further ado...

    I have many influences on this forum, ...

    Updated 08-08-2010 at 20:25 by coz1

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  2. AAR General Discussion Subforum

    I have not blogged in a at least. I do plan on finishing my top 15 EUII AARs, but have not found the time to do the write ups. I do have a new FtG AAR up and running. Check out the new subforum over in AARland. Lot's going on already.

    I should also mention...look forward, hopefully, to a slew of year end awards coming in the new year. Start thinking about those AARs you think have been the best completed over this past year as I believe all of the major awards are ...
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  3. A German Caeser...and The Russian is Drunk

    Two weeks in between this time, right? Not as bad. I'm afraid that after this list is done, I'll have to come up with some new material. Until then, let's keep going on with the list of my 15 most very favorite EU2 AARs...

    This great AAR started in late 2003 by the wonderful nalivayko. The man has written a large number of excellent AARs and keeps coming back for more as witnessed by his ...
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  4. A Nice Wine...Burgundy and France

    I have not updated in a while but I still have the list of my 15 favorite AARs and perhaps it is time for another couple to be offered. Both cause me to call back on fond memories.

    MacRaith has always been a favorite AAR writer - always creative and wonderful of the forefathers of the movement. This AAR is teamwork, however. Not just MacRaith but several other members of the time participated in a game ...
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  5. P is for...Peru and Portgual

    I've had a heavy work week and have not been able to read as much as I'd like but that doesn't mean I have not kept up with those AARs I've been following. This week, I'll be taking a look at a new AAR and then an older one from the EU2 favorites list - and this one is a doozy. So let's see what there is to offer.

    This Victoria AAR by asd21593 just started earlier this month but already the ...
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