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  1. Another Res Publica special

    "Sir Michael", Henryk Sienkiewicz:

    At that moment the grand hetman Sobieski rushed up at the head of his escort. Flame was shooting from his eyes. He reined in his horse near the voevoda of Rus, and exclaimed,ó

    "At them, now, with God's aid!"

    "At them!" shouted the voevoda of Rus.

    And after him the captains repeated the commands. With a terrible noise that forest of lances dropped with one movement toward the
  2. A short Res Publica special

    Henryk Sienkiewicz, "The Deluge":

    At that time the Lithuanian hussars, in which Kovalski served under Prince Polubinski, a great soldier, went to the attack. When they were passing I saw them as I see you this moment, for I was with the Lauda men on a height near the intrenchments. They were twelve hundred strong, ómen and horses such as the world had not seen. They passed twenty rods distant from our flank; and I tell you that the earth trembled under them.
  3. Word Crimes

  4. Where is the flag of England?

    Just an old Irish song:

    Let the winds of the world make answer!
    North, South, East, West,
    Wherever there is wealth to covet
    Or land to be possessed:
    Wherever the savage nations
    To coddle, coerce or scare,
    You may look for the vaunted emblem
    For the Flag of England is there!

    Aye, it waves over the blazing hovels
    Whence its African victims fly
    To be shot by explosive bullets
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  5. Two teams play, Germans win

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