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My blog/Blogul meu/Mein Blog

Here we will share some important discussions about most of the subjects (primarly history and eu3)

As you know i live in Iasi, Romania and share a great passion for history and eu3. Mostly i like romanian history and european history - favourite time is the 19th century, as it contains loads of happenings in the Balkans and around the world.

  1. Tourism

    Until now i've only visited Austria, Italy, Germany and Hungary (and crossed by car Slovakia and Czechia).

    Austria is my favourite country by far, followed by Germany and Hungary. Anyway i hope i would visit Japan in a short time

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  2. Latest MMP game

    My latest MMP game as Moldavia

    Right now i have become the rival of the emperor and some electors decided to support me. I keep my fingers crossed to be elected Holy Emperor.

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  3. Historical proof

    Do you believe in historical proof? I mean the right of a country to her historical borders. How important is that to you?

    I personally, believe that historical provinces of a nation are very important and i believe in a country's rights to it BUT ONLY if it is supported by the population living in that province.