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  1. Well, there goes the football season

    Our football team started this year as a favorite to go to the state championships for a second year in a row. Almost all of our starting players from last year returned, including our quarterback.

    We started the season off with an upset win over our biggest rivals, and followed that with two more wins.

    Then the injuries started to happen.

    As of Friday these were the injuries amongst some of our best players:

    Halfback- 3 broken ribs/Broken ...
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  2. Curse you, Love and Hormones!

    Well, i'm in love.

    Of course, its a girl that is pretty, nice, smart (as in not dumbass/stereotypical blond type person). We are both in band, so i talk to her quite often, and we get along quite nicely.

    Well, the only problem is that she won't date anyone in high school as she doesn't want to deal with the problems associated with high school relationships. These would include losing your friendship with the person you dated after a break up, distractions to school ...
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  3. Blond Cheerleaders

    Thank you, to all blond cheerleader's for gracing my school with the following massive, hand-made posters:

    Bobcats Is Are Going To Win!!!

    We All Have Team Sprit!!!

    Lets' Go Senoris!!!

    Black and Glod!!!

    The Pride and Joy of my school system.
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  4. This could be interesting (the sequel)

    Well, our high school football team will be playing against our arch-rivals tomorrow. We hate each other. They view us as city-slickers who are stuck up and elitist (which is true to a point). We view them as trailer-trash and rednecks (which is also true to a point).

    I have to be there as I am in the band.

    Re-cap on last years football game: We lost 32-19, and there were some fights on the field that were started by them.

    This year however, ...

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  5. Well, i almost forgot these things even existed

    Like the title says, i almost forgot these blogs existed.

    Well, i might as well add an update as to some of the things that have happened that i had mentioned about a year ago.

    Well, my gf from the time dated me again and ended our relationship again a few months after my last post and acted like a really crazy b*tch about it. According to her, i was plotting to break us up since the beginning, and that it was my fault she loved another guy and dumped me as i was about ...
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