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The Flying Slovak Orchestra

Welcome to my blog! Hope you enjoy your time here, and you don't think, "Wow, that was a waste of my life..." by the time you leave. Hopefully, we'll be talking about History (shocking, I know...).

  1. *cough* and Ponder This

    My, it seems there's been a lot of dust collecting on this here blog. My, I must come up with something new to energize it! So, then end of Ponder This is at hand. Thanks, folks, for the 18 week ride! Hopefully Sunday I'll have a new programme to announce to the world! Stay tuned, this blog is not dead yet!
  2. Ponder This, Week 18

    Ponder This, Week 18

    That's right, everyone, it's time for another Ponder This! I'm your host, demokratickid. Well, this week we shall be jumping from the distant past up to the beginning to the 1600s. Once more, the topic will be religion! Well, this time you're Johann Tserclaes, Count of Tilly
    , and you've essentially been given command of the Defense of Germany against the invading armies of Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden, during the 30 years war. Historically, the ...
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  3. Ponder This, Week 17

    Ponder This, Week 17

    Welcome back, folks, to yet another edition of Ponder This! I'm your host, demokratickid. For this week's topic, we'll be jumping back from Vietnam to ancient history. This time, you're Alexander the Great. You've just reached the historical apex of your Empire, and you lay dying of some cause (of shich we're and you're not sure...) You know your Empire must have an heir. What do you do? Will it all to your strongest general? Divide it like history says he did? ...
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  4. Ponder This, Week 16

    Ponder This, Week 16

    Welcome, folks, to another week of Ponder This! This week, we will be jumping from Boudicca's revolt waaay up to near the present day. The year is 1961. You are the President of the United States, John F. Kennedy. You have just been presented with news that communist guerilla attacks in South Vietnam have escalated, and that the United States might do well by becoming more active in Indochina. Now, as modern people, we know the consequences of Kennedy and subsequently ...

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  5. Ponder This, Week 15

    Ponder This, Week 15

    My, has it been 15 weeks since this started? Apparently, so that must mean it's time for another Ponder This! This week, we'll be jumping from Boudicca's revoly ahead a few millenia to England in the the 1680s. Alright, here's the situation. You are James II and you've just become father to a baby boy. Problem is, both of you are Catholic and the people are wary of this situation. You've hear rumours that your protestant daughter Mary might be on her way over ...
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