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Wellcome to my Deep, Dark Hole ... of solitude
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Favorite online musics:
The End - Break on Through - The Doors/Jim Morrison
Summer Overture - Main Theme - Clint Mansell
Galm 2
- Zero - Prologue - Glacial Skies - The Unsung War - Ace Combat Crew
Bittersweet - Apocalyptica (Finnish band)
Dance with the Devil - Kick out the Jams - Burn it to the Ground - New Divide - Various Artists

  1. Epic Dream Last Night

    My god, I had the greatest of dreams last night. No dream I had has ever reached that level of mad EPIC WIN! Whats also crazy is that it wasn't alcohol induced madness of dream, no, it was just a normal day with a "normal dream". It sounds pretty crazy when I think about it, but man its SO cool. Heck I should write a script and sell it to Michael Bay (That guy would make a movie about a toilet brush if it included explosions). I am sure THAT would make an incredible movie!

  2. Akinator the web genie

    Check out this stuff! Its so awesome. Its a web program that tries to find who you are thinking about!!! He found: Rommel, JFK, Hitler and Stalin pretty easily. He also found Liu Bei, Solo Wing Pixy, Naruto, Celine Dion and my mom (no joke ).

    Help me beat it!
  3. So I heard you liked Mudkipz

    So hey Vaximillian, great siberian overlord, is this true?

    Mandatory HoI2 reference:

    Updated 26-08-2010 at 04:05 by JRHINDO

  4. RIP BLOG ? - March 2010

    Updated 24-08-2010 at 14:39 by JRHINDO

  5. Nuka cola

    NUKA COLA 'nuff said.

    Updated 24-08-2010 at 14:40 by JRHINDO

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