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Swertic Tales

Swertic Tales
Assorted tales from the mysterious life of The Swert


  1. Days by the Ocean

    I just remembered this great poem from my childhood and figured somebody out there might get a kick out of it. The delivery is great even if I still have no idea what it's about.

    Days by the Ocean
    Raymond J. Bartholomeuz 1986

    In the steamy, sensual rivercave of my mind
    I stumble, I stagger, I stammer
    Like some crazy South Korean circus clown
    Lost, lonely, lifeless, laconically lazy ...
  2. Tale of the Heatwave

    Time for a more recent addition to the Swertic Tales. If anybody's been reading the OT forum you might have noticed my ramblings about the weather in South Eastern Australia this week. Well I sit before you now with my deskfan still blowing but in a much cooler climate, the heatwave of the century has subsided for now but the drought continues, so far we've gone 28 days without rain, whether or not tomorrow thunderstorms come with rain or not will determine whether or not that trend will continue. ...

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  3. Tale of the Olympic Games

    It was September 2000. And the Olympic spirit had returned down under for the first time in 44 years, although this time to Sydney. I was only twelve at the time so I asked my parents if we could go to Sydney to see them with the youthful enthusiasm you would expect unaware of the financial costs. My parents said no but they promised instead to go to the Commonwealth ...

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  4. Tale of the Murderer

    It was November 21 2004. About a year previous I had been selected for an exchange program to Germany on the second attempt. A german boy named Jan had come to stay with me and my family for 10 weeks earlier in the year and now it was my turn to travel to Germany. This tale documents the happenings on that memorable night of the flight that was to take me and about 50 other exchange students from Melbourne to Dubai ...

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  5. Tale of the Birth

    First up blog post and what better way to begin than at the start.

    The Swert is my internet pseudonym or avatar that is universal and unique to myself. I have never encountered another "The Swert" and hence have never needed to change pseudonym.

    The Swert was born in the year 2000, the year claimed by some that a new messiah would be born. The exact date is unknown, it was most ...

    Updated 20-12-2008 at 10:32 by The Swert