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  1. Dragon Eating Fishbits: Moving to Full Tilt After-Action Report...

    Finally moved to Full Tilt Poker this week... I solved my credit card problem and I was able to deposit 250$ on FTP.

    Alas, when a problem is solved, another arises.

    As planned, I requested a withdraw for the 250$ on Moneybookers onto my credit card to cover after depositing, thinking it would be instantaneous. Problem is, it still doesn't show on my credit card account after a few days, so I have a nice debt on my card.

    It's no biggie, though. It is ...
  2. Dragon Eating Fishbits: When a weekend has been the suck...

    Well, it's been a very meh weekend as far as poker is concerned.

    I remained recluse home this Friday night and Saturday to give some small stabs at 20NL (10c/20c blinds) playing two to three tables. At first things got good, with as much as a full buy-in of profit. I noticed that people where far less willing to gamble at 20NL, which made cbetting more profitable.

    But then the coolers came. At first KK vs AA preflop all-in; another time it was QQ vs KK; finally I hit ...

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  3. Dragon Eating Fishbits: Drakken's Micro-limit Poker Blog for Paradoxians

    I have a sin to confess to you all Paradoxians...

    I wear the hat of a full-time data analyst, a sometimes OT mod, a never-ending megalomaniac bent on taking over the world, a unevenly responsible boyfriend, a forever Royalist, etc... Lots of roles to fulfill.

    But I have also another hat to wear in front of all of you : I am a pro-am poker player on the side.

    In other words, a gambler.

    Now, why do I say "pro-am player" and not ...

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