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  1. The Limitations of Paradox's Blog System

    There is a hard limit on text: 10,000 characters.

    There is a hard limit on images: 4 images.

    That makes it a little difficult to post image heavy AARs.

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  2. Meeting of the United States Security Council--March 25, 1948 (Part 2).

    Continued from previous entry...

    Truman: Sounds good. Alright, Iíve made my decision, Gentlemen. Weíre going to move forward with Operation Sandal; whenóand I do mean when, Bill, not ifóSandal succeeds, the military can proceed with its landings in Panama, as Iím sure the Panamanian army is going to have its hands full trying to deal with twelve Japanese divisions knocking on its door.

    Leahy: Mr. President, the Navy and the Army would both benefit from an additional, ...

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  3. Meeting of the United States National Security CouncilóMarch 25, 1948.


    in absentia Admiral Chester W. Nimitz (at sea)

    President Harry S. Truman: Boys, I know I haven't attended many of these meetings, but I think it's about time I started. Since I took office in January of last year, Secretary Byrnes and General Eisenhower have regularly informed me of a...difference of opinion over the situation in Latin America, and I'm here to see if we ...

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  4. What on earth?

    Paradox is trying to make a community site!

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