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Lord Finnish

  1. Anno 2200 - Mod progress part 2.

    Fomer USA has been finished, and Central-South America has a face now!

    New countries:
    - Colorado. Formed from ex-Mexican territories that I decided to remove since mexicans are not large group in states that north.
    - Communist Cuba. From Haru Yo Koi's suggestion for communist countries.
    - Haiti. A big one. The new big bad wolf of Caribbean. Expanded when UK started losing grip and Dominican ...
  2. ANNO 2200 - Mod progress!


    As some of you may have noticed, I have started working on my own mod, called ANNO 2200. I start this blog to report my progress in making it.


    What has been done?

    A piece of map. All Europe and most of former USA has been done. Tomorrow I will create Mexico and finish the American continents. After that, day after tomorrow, I will probably go to Africa. I'll leave Asia as last since it's definately most difficult ...