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The Rambles of a Brave New Modder

  1. Going to the BAR

    by on 30-07-2009 at 13:19 (The Rambles of a Brave New Modder)
    Since between record breaking temperatures and a plain old faulty computer I won't be checking out any EUIII, I thought I'd try to stumble through the first entry in the Before Action Report.

    You'll select your settings, with gold inflation only so that we may control it and not allow the player to interrupt an otherwise separate system of inflation. Advisers will be normal, while I'm imagining leaders and monarchs being assigned by events. Those are the only notable settings for ...
    EUIII Restructuring
  2. Getting settled

    by on 18-07-2009 at 06:17 (The Rambles of a Brave New Modder)
    Gave the cosigner a great birthday gift, a $-8000 check. And got my netbook and a home away from home. Just need to get classes sorted out, used to the mini-keyboard, and life will be sorted out for two years bar surprise.
  3. Just need the lease in hand...

    by on 14-07-2009 at 08:50 (The Rambles of a Brave New Modder)
    ... and I'll have found not just an apartment, but a place I can call home.

    Washer/Dryer/Dishwasher in the unit
    Reserved parking and maybe a Garage unit
    Fairly large living room, easy to divide into computer and tv/dining area
    Kitchen with a range and places for everything I care about.
    Full bathroom
    Bedroom is kinda cramped but certainly large enough for a bed and dresser.
    AND 2 blocks from Campus. With a bus stop nearby and a seemingly good ...
  4. Factions: The Prequel

    by on 12-07-2009 at 22:29 (The Rambles of a Brave New Modder)
    I thought I'd provide a look and reminder of where factions stopped a while ago. I wouldn't consider the list complete as there are subdivisions I'd like to make, but the major groupings are all there.

    	Elite; All upper echelon types. 
    	Learned; All Scribes, Clerical, Bureaucrats... Your 'office workers'.
    	Entrepreneurial; All Production and Business related. 
    	Craftsmen or Skilled; Artisans, Sword Makers, Armourers etc.
    	Spiritual; Monks, Priests, Philosophers,
    EUIII Restructuring
  5. Inside the Whale, Part I

    by on 04-07-2009 at 16:43 (The Rambles of a Brave New Modder)
    It seems I should probably lay out this structure concept as soon as possible to supplement the discussion in the comments of the last blog, or else we may need to spend more time understanding each other and thus less for developing theory and practice.

    The first issue to address I believe above all else is the start and end date. Antracer mentioned something akin to 1200 to 1900. A quick browsing of Wikipedia, since I've yet to acquire good literature on the time period in question, ...
    EUIII Restructuring
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