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Herbert West

  1. XKCD nails it

  2. Two games I tried out

    Two new, big name RTS games to be more precise. I have been quite starved for an RTS that can actually tickle my brainy parts by either difficulty or storyline. Well, one has succeeded in one of these.

    The second I tried out, and the one I'll write less about is Endwar, or more aptly, Tom Clancy's Endwar. All the bad things that can be said about Tom Clancy and his deepthroathing of american superiority aside, this game sucks for one very specific reason.

    Honestly, ...
  3. Development Diary - Or stuff I want (but will most likely never) write

    So, I thought about using this handy little feature to inform all of those who still remember the crap I wrote about why I don't update, and what I will update once I get to it.

    Frist things first: I don't update because the university is putting pressure on me, and its doing its job very well. Today, I wrote and exam, and I think the odds are high that I failed its little course (which was more of a curse anyway). Over this week I will write three more, and one of them is an exam ...