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Cold War and beyond

  1. We need a cat ASAP!

    The dreaded Maus rolling through the streets of Himmelsdorf...

    Updated 12-06-2010 at 23:40 by Foxbat

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  2. Comrade, La Manche is near!

    Long time, no interesting posts here. It is right moment to fix that. So here is usual "guess what the hell it is" photo:

    I can give a clue, by saying that it is soviet. Any guesses?
  3. Shameless self ad

    Sorry couldn't resist
    Will need to redeem myself with good, Cold war era 'Guess what's that' photo.

    Updated 25-08-2009 at 20:15 by Foxbat (Utter stupidity of Foxbat, who is unable to tell diference between ad and add)

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  4. Sci-fi universes

    What do you prefer/enjoy more, "fantasy" sort of sci-fi (magical "force", knights of good and evil emperors) or more realistic, "gritty" (Battletech, Battlestar Galactica) sci-fi? Or maybe you hate science fiction? Tell me your thoughts people!
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  5. T-34, with a twist

    I haven't posted any 'guess-what-it-is' photos for a long time, so here goes another riddle:

    P.S. Whoever guesses where this tank is located gets additional points (there is clue on the photo)
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