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Mr. G

  1. Räknetråden

  2. What about the RP-game?

    Yes, what happened to that thing? Well, my plan was to start it today, but since I've got a serious cold the game will not start before December 24th. Have patiences!
  3. So, what to do in the free period?

    I've just got a free period from school. But the problem is that I have nothing to do. Any suggestions?
    If you wounder about the RP game, well, Mr. G and Davis are working on it We will start it before 24th of December, but see it as a Christmas gift. We will be in need of one player that will has to be somewhat more active than the rest of the players. Anyone interested? PM me.
  4. Date for the game set!

    1945. WW2 has come to an end. At this period of time the questions are many. What will happed with Europe, a continent in ruins, after this major war? Is communism under Stalin the wave of the future? Or is it the capitalism and the US? Maybe independence is the best way to go?
    You decide.
  5. More details about the new RP game coming up!

    Since I've got so many question about this new RP games of mine (and Davis), I thought it would be a good idea to answer some of the questions before playing some TM and doing more history work.
    Q: Will it be in Swedish?
    A: An open question, it will probably be in Swedish.
    Q: What time period will the game deal with?
    A: Somewhere between 1800-2000 AD.
    Q: Will it be a game based on history?
    A: Yes! It will be based on history, but maybe with some modifications... ...
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