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My thoughts, randomly

huh? how to embed videos? I still don't get it =(

U.S.S. Lexington

Sister Act Video

Well, I just try to test this blog thingy out, never used one myself before, if anyone is reading it at all, comments are welcome

  1. Captain's Log, Stardate 48959.1

    Last time I wrote that my absence was because I was having difficulties and I have been busy, this is true. For those who are interested, I was in Germany and Scotland, plus I had my last active mission years ago when I escorted priests to the hungarian camp in Afghanistan, so no high danger equals really little payment.

    Actually I had to find an other job, being a knight is more of prestige than of any real value in these days, even more if 80% of the world disputes your right to ...

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  2. First Entry,yay!

    Well, here I am, after a long time I am back to paradox forums again, I had some busy months, and I hope the people waiting for C.I.C. don't think I abandoned my project.

    ...I didn't, I am just veeery behind schedule

    Atleast I have now this nice blog to play with.

    I am going to continue my work on the project, and also try to include new stuff, for most of that, I have to successfully contact Modestus, who already made on my request some 3D work. ...

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    My Web Diary