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Dark Scipio

  1. Securom

    I just like Paradox for they copyprotection policy.

    I have three games with Securom (of course originals), and all three dont work. After a lot of googling, and downloading an CD-Image of the game I bought (!), a virtual CD-Drive Tool, and a SCSI-Hider (to hide the tool), I was finally able to play one of this three games I paid for. (Did I mention that I can not connect to the internet before I started the Securom-Secured game?)
  2. Georgia

  3. Cant play EU III anymore

    Its really annoying and sad that I cant play Europa Universalis III anymore due to some technical failure:

    EU III frozen at World map.

  4. Finding new music is hard.

    I tried to find some new good music.

    The Japanese charts were a big fail.

    Although it has a nice background singer:
    is not exactly my tast.

    So there is a lot of aweful music out there.

    Any hints?
  5. Nonsense part I: My own Net-City

    There is a lot of time costing nonsense in the net. This seems not to cost too much time so I decided to participate.

    Here is my new little Netcity: Lutherberg