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  1. Werewolf Game Statistics

    Gigau's History in the WereWolf games

    WereWolf Big

    Werewolf CXXV ~ A revolting Revolution (GM : jacob_lundgren)
    As Edmond Dantès
    • Won on day 9

    Werewolf CXXVI ~ Werewolf Wagon Train (GM : Rendap)
    As Bret Maverick
    • Lynched on day 6

    Werewolf CXXVII ~ The First Crusade (GM : the_hdk)
    As Sieur Gilles d'Obaix, royal cartographer
    • Lost by parity on night 8

    Werewolf CXXVIII

    Updated 08-03-2013 at 23:48 by gigau

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