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Questions in a world of Kurt

Questions in a world of Kurt

This blog is going to deal with my two biggest loves: women and Paradox games. Here you won't find nothing neither quite profound nor serious nor common sensical, but the adventures of a man fighting for his very survival in a word of females -if you knew them, Amona, you'll see that your Catwarworld is a peaceful place-.

Will I manage to survive -who thinks about winning? not me- or I'll get crushed under the weight of their reasoning? Shall I be able to bring the truth and the might of the Paradox world to this horde of charming ladies?

I don't think so, but I'll try or die. I'll die before ending reading "Hello"!!!! Better to die than to loose my life!

Good speed you, and, of course, me above all.

  1. Me, AARs and my imagination

    by on 14-12-2010 at 18:42 (Questions in a world of Kurt)
    Nine months since the last entry, and a gloomy one. Brrrrr...

    Well, here I am, thinking that I have a problem. A real one. I'm planning to make a different AAR -come on, you're always repeating that- for HOI2 (Did I mention that I'm an old fashioned boy?) from the usual ones in me, but I have some problems.

    Due to my German fixation -well, I was playing with the idea or an ‹berKatalonia, but it did not made sense at all...-, I'm thinking about an AAR using an scenario that ...
  2. Diary of a Black Hole

    by on 09-03-2010 at 20:30 (Questions in a world of Kurt)
    Today I've been fired from the work I've been doing since 2006. I'm quite shocked, I must admit, and this diary is going to become some kind of exorcism and a way to get some moral support if needed.

    I'm scared, I must admit. Thank God, I have another job as translator, and this one may help me to survive for a bit.

    It's awful to feel so hurt and fragile, but, well, life is like that sometimes.

    Here the first entry ends.
  3. "Kurty's (final or so so) Weekly Female Fan Club"

    by on 18-11-2009 at 21:57 (Questions in a world of Kurt)
    Kurty's (final or so so) Weekly Female Fan Club

    Just to avoid getting this blog becoming some kind of odd thing...


    ...grmpf... Well, as I was saying before the Petineskian interruption, it's time to do something completely different.

    Like this one? (click here to see)

    Peti... some day...


    I'll shoot you.


    And it won't be by accident.
  4. "Kurty's (almost) Weekly Female Fan Club"

    by on 09-11-2009 at 14:03 (Questions in a world of Kurt)
    "Kurty's (almost) Weekly Female Fan Club"

    I would had make her my queen, but she told me she would had rather lost her head than marry me.

    I refer, just in case, to the lady with outstanding legs. Natalie Dormer, in case anyone is in doubt or too bewildered looking at Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

    Since I saw her in The Tudors I told myself... well, bugger ...
  5. "Kurty's (still) Weekly Female Fan Club"

    by on 31-10-2009 at 18:58 (Questions in a world of Kurt)
    "Kurty's Weekly Female Fan Club"

    Busy with RL and AARs and... well, that kind of things you cannot mention but makes you grin widely (like right now, I swear it ), I almost forgot my weekly appointment with my own and exclusive Fan Club.

    However, she hasn't done it.

    The Lady with the more expensive kiss in the World.

    The one and only...

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