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  1. Brotherly Guidance Required (TAKE 2)

    (Old post here)

    Hey everybody, so I found a cleverer way of doing this post, so I greatly apologise to the blog Gods about this. Many thanks to everyone who checked the channel out, you can find it here.

    The Videos

    We've got three series going of gaming videos so far.

    First is Bev and Gwyd (That's us!) play Portal 2 Co-op! We're about five episodes in, and we have new episodes coming out every Monday!
  2. GAME & PC games

    Whenever the girlfriend and I pop into Windsor I drop into GAME and look at games I could conceivably buy and then leave the shop empty handed. As time has gone by, the PC shelves in all Gaming stores have dropped and dropped, now, GAME Windsor has two shelves for new PC games.

    Remarkable? Not really, but it looked as if Paradox was doing pretty well out of it!

    There were more PI games ...
  3. New Computer Bought

    New Computer Status - Bought

    Wireless Card - Removed from Old PC, placed into New PC

    All Systems Go.

    Minor Injuries sustained.

    Still no chance to play games until Friday.
  4. Esercito et Marina Italiano

    Regno d'Italia

    The Italian Army - Esercito Regio Italiano

    Fighting Strength - 60,000

    The Italian Army

    I Corpo
    1st Divisione
    2nd Brigate d'Italia - 5,000 Esercito Italiano
    3rd Brigate

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  5. L'Ambasciata Italiana

    Regno d'Italia

    Welcome to the Italian Embassy,

    Governmental Information

    Parliamentary Monarchy
    Bicameral Parliament

    The General Assembly - Led by King Charles Emmanuel as First Consul, currently consists of 350 lifetime members including, Proconsul Duca Silvagentio,

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