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Garn Ya Bastards!

  1. Borderlands Review

    by on 06-11-2009 at 13:46 (The Patrician's Wonderful World)
    Borderlands Review

    By The Patrician

    What happens when you combine a first person shooter with a diablo-esque looter? Tasked with providing an anwer to this eternal question, Gearbox softwear has released ther anticipated new title Borderlands.

    Borderlands takes the player to a colourful and cartoonish alien world where he or she is tasked with locating the legendary Alien Vault rumoured to contain limitless wealth and technology for whoever finds it ...
  2. Hehe Waht? Yur worse then hitler!

    by on 09-01-2009 at 17:17 (The Patrician's Wonderful World)
    Who what then how?

    Saith the squid.

    Gaint sloth.

    It beckons.

    Fear nto for I with you says the gian sloth.

    It is deception.

    I took it to court.

    The judge said a giant sloth is not a person! It cannot be taken to court.

    Can I shoot it?

    No! It is extinct, which is even more rare then the coelocanth.

    Shoot them all! Send dynamite to the bottom of the ...
  3. If you write letters, it means you're old

    by on 15-12-2008 at 10:22 (The Patrician's Wonderful World)
    I have recently been moved to pen some letters to fellows who work down in Canberra. The reasons for this are many and varied and can be found in any one of the threads I have started in OT in which I bang on about the same old issues, and then get distracted and trick Ayeshteni to look at interesting video clips.

    The reasons for one of the letters is because I had recieved and interesting piece of correspondence entitled 'The Bevis Report'.

    It came from a fellow by ...
  4. What is it about a Friday night?

    by on 12-12-2008 at 18:24 (The Patrician's Wonderful World)
    What is it? We all head out to get drunk as can be, we dress up in prescribed fashions to be let through the doors.

    We lie and plot and plan, we strategise and tactically asses the scene.

    And then strike, without mercy. Seek the weakness, strike home. Insecurties, that is the ticket.

    Ah, but if we drink too much get to carried away, then the night is a hovering dream apon unsteady legs.

    See the neon glow of the night, the cool embrace ...
  5. Have you ever noticed...

    by on 11-12-2008 at 12:22 (The Patrician's Wonderful World)
    That the sky comes in different colours

    So do lizards

    Green, Blue a different colour to you...

    Breathe in the sauna of the night.

    Tngiht we are all warriors of the night.

    The night

    It calls

    Do you feel that?

    It is the slopes of that which has come before, shuddering before the avalanche of chaos.

    What is created n the minds of deprived/depraved young men?
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