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  1. Perspectives: Will the real me please stand up?

    As a stranger in a strange land, I find myself wondering, occasionally, about all kinds of things. Let's take the question alluded to in the title: Who is the real me?

    This saturday, for example, I was doing my shopping when a small kid, maybe 5 years old, walked up to me, candy scoop (I'm not sure if this is the right word, and the internet is not helping, anyway, it's used to pick and choose your own candy without contaminating it ) and bag in hand, says something starting with ...
  2. Important: Blog rules!

    Sorry for the rather unconventional way of getting the rules to you, but;
    1) Any blog entry must be in English, this includes comments
    2) if it's not allowed elsewhere on the forums (most notably, the OT) it's not allowed on here, either.
    as a reminder,

    Banned and Restricted Topics

    1. Israel - Palestine Threads, or anything remotely linked to Arab-Jews relationship.
    2. Abortion or anything related.
    3. Advocating the murder, or celebration