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  1. Walter Moers: Adolf - Ich hock' in meinem Bonker

    Good lord this video is hilarious!

    Adolf - Ich hock' in meinem Bonker

    And if you don't like you videos auf Deutsch, heres the English version:

    Adolf - I'm sitting in my Bunker
  2. Back after a long break

    Too long, to be honest. But that's neither here nor there. I've started posting again (Yay!) and school has really gotten me ready to start writing some stuff.

    Although I do need to stop skipping classes. That can really hurt my GPA in the long run. . .
  3. Time to get cracking!

    Never fully understood that expression myself, but whatever. I seem to be filled with amazingly pointless and undecipherable folk sayings that I inherited from my dad due to his growing up in the American Midwest.

    But that is besides the point: its time for me to keep working on my AAR. Having to go back and replay most of a century due to a screenshot problem is a pain in the arse, but its much better than just giving up and stopping work on it all together.

    And why ...
  4. The Need to Keep Posting to AARs Regularly

    I think the number one problem facing me in writing my AARs is that it is so easy to get distracted/tired/bored and not post for a few days.

    Too keep me from doing this, I have really tried to keep my 'Sublime State' AAR on a regular update schedule, with an update every two days (maybe three ) so I don't let myself let it die or begin the slow spiral to eventual death.

    Personally, I find a 3 days a week update schedule to be perfect for me: if I need an extra day ...
  5. My Picture Replies - Annoying or Not?

    Well that was weird. Clicking on the Blog button and was greeting with a "Random featured blog entry from daemonofdecay". Huh.

    Anyway, to the task at hand: do my picture replies to threads (mostly in the EU3 AAR section) annoy people, distract from the authors work, or anything else negative?

    I enjoy making them (they only take about a minute each) but the last thing I want to do is get an author angry by posting a picture in their thread.

    If ...
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