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Welcome to my blog. Guess it is somewhat an admission of mine that the forums have sucked me in - after years of lurking, finally. Must have started when I begun my first AAR...
This blog will serve the purpose of collecting my thoughts (hence the name) and some stuff from the web I find no better place for.
It is not a private place by its very nature so of course you are welcome to leave a comment should you feel like it.

  1. Hoi3 music training for babies II (evaluation 1 yr later)

    Yeah I know I have fallen into the lurking habit as of late - but since last year my family has grown twice and I have simply not much time to spare for the forums. However, I have discovered that the little lady that got exposed to the Hoi3 music (see below) now develops some... interesting preferences for military equipment, so to speak.
    Most astonishingly she also already knows how to steer a helicopter

    But see for yourselves, dear readers.

    The heart of a wargamer
  2. A gamer's heartache

    I wanted to add something in a separate tought (based on a comment concerning the exaggerated disappointment to some by Hoi 3) from comagoosie in the other entry:

    If your football team loses, you don't get a refund.
    Let's be honest: how many computer games did any of you buy that did not the least fulfill your expectations? Were you were anxious and highly excited months before the release, salivating over every single screenshot, every comment only to find out that ...

    Updated 31-05-2010 at 16:03 by XHR

    The heart of a wargamer
  3. Hoi3 forums suck

    They suck. Big time. I am tired of all the Paradox-bashing going on there and I have had enough.
    It just frustrates me to see how a mob armed with torches and pitchforks seems to hijack (sp?) every thread where a dev posts in. No wonder Johan has already said he has had enough - I cannot blame him.
    I am almost at the point of not even wanting any more improvements in Hoi3. Everything constructive the devs do will be torn apart and flamed to death in the future one can already see that. ...

    Updated 31-05-2010 at 09:54 by XHR

    The heart of a wargamer
  4. Hoi3 music training for babies

    I mentioned somewhere below that I am ever closer to becoming a father - which will (hopefully) happen in June.
    Now what makes me even happier is that my little girl (as far as I know the baby will be one ) actually seems to be fond of Hoi3 music. No wonder because I am often playing the game in the evenings with my wife sitting behind me on the sofa, reading.
    With our daughter growing and becoming more agile we thought maybe music is a key to calm her - so I copied all mp3 files ...

    Updated 18-03-2010 at 23:05 by XHR

    The heart of a wargamer
  5. The future of the Ostfront...

    Having just moved to another flat and still living between the numerous boxes of my stuff I have not found time to continue my beloved AAR yet - which is sad
    I have also sold my current laptop and the new one will only be delivered in three to four weeks time (Dell Alienware ) - so after making a backup of my saves and waiting there is little I can do atm. That's why I put the status of my AAR to "on hold" and it will probably stay this way until next year.

    Updated 03-12-2009 at 14:40 by XHR

    My AARs
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