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  1. Frustrating Naples!

    I usually find Naples, well what sould you call it: UNNOTICEABLE. But in my Byz game (3.2) they are ONE province away from forming Italy. I had a mission that said i should recover Napoli, Abruzzi and Calabria. But it is NOT FUNNY when they are HRE and field armies with 57 000 men in them. The year is 1536 and i am at war with bankrupt Golden Horde. My WE is 13.34 and there are mass revolts. Suddenly, Naples declares war upon me! >_<

    Anyway, Hungary is allied with Naples, ...
  2. Frustrating...

    Gah, this is my first blog entry in my entire life .

    But i dont have an idea what i should talk about.

    Maybe my Scandinavia game... Nah, it should not classify as a blog.

    What do you readers think i should write about?