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  1. Football Manager Challenge - Part 3

    Hi guys,

    Since I can only post four images to this blog the next update can be found here.

    However, please post any comments HERE (not on the other blog - it's just a temporary thing).

    In this post we find out how the guys are getting along in 2011...
  2. Football Manager Challenge - Part 2

    Ok, part 2!

    4thDimension is next - one of the English league's only Montenegrian players.

    Apparently he's "balanced" which means he's not the sort of player to start throwing hystrionic fits when he doens't get 50,000 a week in his pay packet...

    We then move onto Vesmir - who's managed to break into the tough world of the Polish under 19's.

  3. Football Manager Challenge - Part 1


    As some of you know, I'm a huge football fan. This is to say, I like football an awful lot, rather than being an obese, corpulent, Jabba-the-Hutt-style football fan (although some might argue that...).

    Anyway, every year a wonderful company called Sports Interactive release THE football management game (called, imaginatively enough, Football Manager) and I tend to lose hours to it.

    What I've also taken to doing is creating a mini AAR of sorts ...