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What happens when someone who has no idea how to write a blog, actually tries to? How many innocent civilians will die as a result? Can Batman save the lovely Lady? What the heck does any of this even mean? Find out in...


I mean...


  1. Fan of the Week: King_Richard_XI

    Quote Originally Posted by Range View Post
    Being selected to be the fan of the week was great. But, now comes the hard part...picking a new fan of the week. Thinking about the dilemma, maybe the fact that it is so hard to select someone is a testament to the people that subscribe and play the game. I know so many deserving people to be named the fan of the week.

    So, with no further stalling I name...drum roll please. I name...

    King_Richard_XI as the new Fan of the Week.
    Imagine how thrilled I ...
  2. Summer's long gone...

    ... and I'm missing it more than ever.
    Who'd have thought that this year, long considered the "doss year" and the "year off", was actually yet another Year of Hell? And I'm told that the next 2 just get exponentially worse, before culminating in College (which has it's own reverse pyramid of terrors, I'm sure). Bizarre, this education system is. Sometimes it feels easy enough, but I know it isn't. The Junior Cert seemed easy, and I only squeezed 2 A's of the 5 or so I'd ...
  3. Terror draws nearer

    Heart beats, resounding like drums in my chest. Sweat flowing in rivers down my forehead. Breathing becomes uneasy as my ribs seem to implode.

    Fear grabs at my very heart - it's coming, there's no way out. My entire life will depend on this moment - the slightest mistake could leave my future ruined. I've spent 3 years preparing for this moment, my chance to prove myself to the world. But apprehension does not release it's clutches. How I will cope, I know not - I ...
  4. Art exam

    I hate exams.
    I sat one today. It was in Art. As a matter of fact, it's the biggest art exam that I will ever sit in my life, so I'm nervous. We have to wait until September for the results.

    How was it? Not that hard. We had to draw a man-made or natural object from a given list (I just drew the keys I had in my pocket) and a picture of a student who was sitting in front of us.

    Mine looked like an eighty year old version of the guy I drew. He laughed when he ...