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  1. Colonial British ship lists

    Same thing as the Danish, this time for England. The focus is on colonial era ship names.

    This website was pretty thorough, but unfortunately doesn't exist any more. The archived version is here.

    One website on Hudson Bay area ships -- which, while not capturing the full insanity of spellings in the original documents ("Anfraunces" for "Anne Francis", "Dionyse" for "Denis", "Myghell" for "Michael"), at least ...
  2. Dano-Norwegian ship names

    Found a massively comprehensive site of Danish ship names from Odin to 1700 here (in Danish, natch) and even more details on ships and aliases (albeit in a much less convenient format) at Skippere here and at the Orlogsmuseet here.

    On the other hand, I can't seem to get any good details about historical Danish orthography: Wiki seems to think that the letters , , and arose at the dawn of time, which can't possibly be right. This book should discuss it somewhere, but doesn't seem ...

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  3. I'm kinda torn...

    On the plus side, there's a working search feature for the non-admins, which is great.

    On the down, doesn't seem to work as an address any more.
  4. Non-Paradox AARs

    So I've been away for awhile...

    and at the moment, the computer I've got isn't up to HOI3 or CK2 standards. (Although p'dox should be happy to hear that they are the toast of some sixth-grade kids I'm teaching in Shanghai: even the ones who think that HOI3 is too busy and flustered are in love with modded HOI2...)

    Myself, I'm playing the newest iteration of FreeCol and it's been pretty dramatically improved: I've got the Danish discovering a lost Norse colony on Greenland ...
  5. HOI3 AARs: Final Five

    Vote here.

    "Fall Weiss," by demokratickid:
    A sterling riposte seemed all but gone
    From Polish fields that time forgot
    An army marches on and long
    Like a darkening, cancerous spot.

    A heartless fiend, fire breathes
    Tearing and turning all around
    Marching, churning up the leaves
    Destruction everywhere abounds.

    In Jablonka, battle was joined
    With armies marching, rank by rank
    And new
    AARland , ‎ Hoi3
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