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stnylan's Musings

My thoughts on AAR and AARland.

  1. Absence

    Apologies for going silent so suddenly.

    One of the complications of my offline life since the start of the New Year is that I really started to fight to get access to the cbt (cognitive behavourial therapy) that I was referred for back in August 2007, following my depression and anxiety that started to plague me that summer. Not pleasant.

    Finally received an appointment though. Took long enough.

    Going to make another effort to get back into the swing ...
  2. Peru, Hapsburgs, and Mercenaries

    So, the New Year is now well and truly underway, and it is time to get more serious about the catch-up. I meticulously spent some time a couple of days ago creating bookmarks in all the AARs I still have to catch-up, but I did so at home and I have been mostly reading the forums at work. Must remember to send my favourites folder to my work email.

    Anyway, I've been keeping busy nevertheless. Vesimir, having completed his short AAR on Richard the Lionheart, has started another narrative ...
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  3. We interrupt this broadcast ...

    To announce that I have become an uncle for the first time, with the birth of my nephew, Kristofer, this morning at 0755 weighing in at 7lbs 15oz.

  4. The start of the New Year

    Well the celebrations are over, the family has met, much food was consumed, and a little alcohol was drunk. Altogether, a good Christmas and New Year.

    And now it is time to turn attention back to AARland.

    I haven't done much reading over the last week, just keeping tabs on what I was already caught up on. Though today I did run across a new AAR in CK by a new writer, Vesimir, called Life and Deeds of Richard the Lionheard. Ambitiously, Vesimir has chosen to write ...
    AAR recommodation , ‎ Ck aar
  5. In the spirit of the season

    Not done any catching up today, as I went shopping straight after work for much of the 'supporting' food my family will need for Christmas. By that I mean the meats - turkey, duck, and ham - are already bought. Today was about eggs and bread, bacon and sausages, fruit and veg, and other such good things - like alcohol!

    And once I got home I promptly spent the best part of the next three hours wrapping presents. And tomorrow the family starts to gather.

    Which means I ...

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