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'We may be destroyed, but if we are, we shall drag a world with us - a world in flames.'

The long-awaited and most popular Hearts of Iron II mod finally returns!

As nations prepare for the inevitable clash, lead your people to glory and dominate the world - a 'World in Flames'.

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What is this mod, exactly? The first post doesn't say.
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An upgrade to the standard ww2 1933 scenario. A big upgrade.
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Just download it, its the best for ww2 DH.
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WIFII is basically the best German scenario there is
Compatible with DH 1.03 RC3 only

Installation instructions

- Prepare working DH 1.03 RC3 version
- Copy your Mods/Darkest Hour Full folder and rename this copy to 'World in Flames 2'
- Download and apply the Official Graphic Pack and the WIF2 Music Pack
- Download and apply World in Flames II + the hotfix
- Enjoy

Note: The mod is meant to be played with 1933 scenario.